Fall 2010 MYSL Season Referee Payments


Fall 2010 MYSL Referee Payment Processing has been run (11/19/10). Payments were calculated based on games reported by 9:00 AM on 11/19/10. Any games not reported will not be paid.

The referee pay statistics for the Fall 2010 season are as follows:


Total Games:                        2058

Unreported Games:               76 - 3.69%

Pay games:                       42 - 2.04%


Total Referee Pay:              $54,772.50


Total Referees:                     292

Referees with late reports:     22 - 7.53%

Referees are paid at the normal rate for U12 and older games reported more than a week after the game. Unless the referee provides a legitimate reason on the report.


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