MYSL Referee Pay Policy

The Middlesex Youth Soccer League Pay policies are as follows:

  1. All MYSL games should be reported within 48 hours of the game
  2. Refereees are paid based on the game reports submitted on the MYSL Referee Website.
  3. U12 and older games reported more than 7 days after the game are paid at 1/2 the normal rate. Please note any unusual circumstances that prevented timely reporting in the comments field of the game report to request a waiver.
  4. Referees are not paid and should not report games that are cancelled prior to the referee's arrival at the field. If the referee declares a field unplayable for the day, they are only paid for the first game canceled, not all games.
  5. MYSL does not pay Assistant referees for regular season U12 and U14 games or Fall season HS Games. If assigned as an AR on one of these games by a local town assignor, contact the assignor for payment.
  6. U12 and U14 Commissioner's Cup games are paid at regular Season Rates. AR's for these games are paid 1/2 the fee of the referee.
  7. Playoff game fees only apply to single elimination games used to determine teams that advance to Post season tournaments.
  8. Questions about Pay discrepancies should be directed to
  9. Games are paid at the following rates: (Note new rates effective Fall 2008)

Regular Season Pay Rates

Age Group Ref Pay AR PAY
U10 $20 NA
U12 $30 NA
U14 $35 NA
U16 $60 $30
U18 $60 $30
U19 $60 $30

Playoff Pay Rates
Age Group Ref Pay AR PAY
U10 $20 NA
U12 $40 $25
U14 $40 $25
U16 $75 $40
U18 $75 $40
U19 $75 $40

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