From the MYSL Referee Committee....

To: MYSL Referees
From: MYSL Referee Committee
RE: MYSL Referee PreGame

The MYSL requires that referees follow the procedures listed below in accordance with MYSL Rules:

Pre-Game Procedures

Referees should arrive 30 minutes in advance of game time.

A field inspection should be performed as the first task of the referee:

Check the nets, (are they anchored properly?), Check for foreign objects on the field, Check for proper markings, Check for exposed sprinkler heads, Check for dangerous ruts

Have the home coach correct any problems with the field.

Introduce yourself to the coaches.


Obtain two (2) copies of the rosters from each coach.  Keep 1 copy for your records, Sign the other 2, giving each coach the other team’s roster signed by you.

No Roster presented?

If either team fails to submit copies of the certified roster before the match, the referee will accept 2 copies of a “Game Roster” from the coach. Game rosters may be handwritten and must contain the following information:

1.       The Team Name, number and MYSL division

2.       The names and phone numbers for the coaches

3.       The name, birth date and uniform number for each player


If the referee accepts a non-certified game roster from a coach, the game will be played and the results counted in the standings pending a review of the game roster by the appropriate commissioner.  The referee must note in their game report that a non-certified game roster was used and must also send a copy of the game roster to the appropriate commissioner.  The commissioner, in conjunction with the Age Director will review the validity of the game roster and validate the game results or issue a forfeit as appropriate if an ineligible player was used.


Obtain the coach and player passcards (except U10 and any Division 5 – passcards for coaches only) from each coach (the game CANNOT be played without the passcards).

The referee shall check the pass cards of each player during the inspection and shall assure the following:

The player is on the roster

The player presenting the card is that player

The birth date of the player on the pass card is proper for the age group

During the Spring Season, a player without a valid passcard shall not be permitted to play until a valid passcard can be given to the referee, unless prior approval to play has been given by the appropriate Commissioner to the referee.

Remember:     No Passcard = No Play

A certified roster shall be that roster approved by the appropriate Commissioner, and either stamped with the Commissioner’s signature or clearly marked “Approved” and the method of marking communicated to the league Coaches and Referees prior to the beginning of the season.


Adds/Drops to the original certified roster will be in the form of a supplemental roster attached to the original certified roster.


a. No handwritten player or coach information except uniform numbers is permitted on the certified roster.

b. Player’s names, uniform numbers and birthdates must appear on the game roster.

c. Coaches are encouraged to blank out player contact information (addresses & phone numbers) from game rosters.

 Player Inspection

Every player must have the following equipment

a jersey or shirt with a visible number, shorts, stockings, shin guards (Shin guards should provide adequate protection and must be covered entirely by the socks), footwear (soft soccer cleats or sneakers)

Players shall not wear the following at any time during a match:

            jewelry of any type, all hard casts (even if padded), any other equipment the      referee determines is dangerous

MYSL Referee Committee

Clark R. Caplan, Chairman
Thomas J. Heinz, Member
Ashley Stevens, Member

Middlesex Youth Soccer League


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