USSF Position Papers

2001 Restarts after Striking, Spitting, or Throwing
2003 Guidelines for Referees
9/23/2003 Dealing with Severe Weather Situations
9/3/2003 Dealing with Players Wearing Non-Compulsory Equipment
8/26/2003 Guidelines for Referees when Dealing with Restarts After Misconduct
7/23/2003 Position on The Removal of Player Jersey During Celebration
4/5/2003 Feinting at the Taking of a Penalty Kick
3/17/2003 Guidelines Involving Jewelry
3/14/2003 Misconduct Involving a Player's use of Language and Gestures
3/14/2003 Guidelines for Referees who are confronted by a group of players
3/7/2003 Guidelines Regarding Player's Equipment
3/4/2003 Guidelines For Adding Time In A Match
1/6/2003 Guidelines for Recinding Displayed Cards
11/22/2002 Abandoning a Match
11/22/2002 Guidelines regarding Religous Articles
11/22/2002 No Replacement For Players Sent-Off
11/22/2002 Misconduct by Attackers at a Free Kick
11/22/2002 Dealing with Sequential Infringements of the Law
11/22/2002 Referee Positioning During Free Kick Restarts
11/4/2002 Suspension of the Jersey Sleeves Rule
9/16/2002 Guidelines for determining an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity
6/11/2002 Using "Reduce to Equate" During Kicks from the Penalty Mark
10/29/2001 Medical Alert Bracelets
4/23/2001 Guidelines for Referees: Bleeding
4/23/2001 Guidelines for Referees Dealing with Players Temporarily Off The Field
3/20/2001 Guidelines Regarding Shinguards
3/19/2001 Removal of Jersey While Celebrating a Goal
1/1/2000 Throw-in to the Goalkeeper
10/26/1999 Dealing with Ceremonial Restarts after Misconduct